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CONESYS EUROPE is the Business Unit in charge of Hermetic connectors and provides the EMEA market in standard and hermetic qualified connectors manufactured by Conesys, and also customized products based on specific needs.

CONESYS EUROPE has its own engineering, production, quality and commercial resources. Conesys manufacturing lines benefit from DLA qualifications and ASD certificates for its main ranges of products.

Conesys Inc.'s 800 worldwide employees, and the strong collaboration existing between all subsidiaries, allow Conesys Europe to benefit from the mass production potential of the group manufacturing lines in the United States. Consequently, CONESYS EUROPE is in position to quote and supply large enquiries.

Our Commitment is dedicated to our customers’ needs, from Design to Satisfaction. Our mission is to design and manufacture, in a pro-active approach, environmental and Hermetic connectors, through both EMEA and Asian markets.

CONESYS EUROPE is a division of Conesys Inc. with Aero-Electric Connector, Aero Industrial Products, Conesys Asia, Conesys Mexico, EMP Connectors and J-Tech.



  • Aero-Electric Connector, based in Torrance (USA) since 1982, decided in 1998 to develop its presence on the EMEA market and opened a new division located in Colomiers (France), named Aero Europe. This subsidiary aimed to answer to customers' needs in Europe at the beginning, and then to Middle East, India and Africa.

  • In 2001, Aero Electric Connector Europe changed its name to CONESYS EUROPE, in order to represent the group Conesys Inc. on its area.






CONESYS EUROPE possesses a broad and highly competitive technical expertise thanks to a policy of continual investment.

Permanently looking for new technological answers, CONESYS EUROPE researches and develops several applications regarding: molded composite, technical thermoplastics, miniaturization, contact technologies for high frequencies or for low insertion force functions, the increase of carried voltage and power, hermetic features, resistance to high temperature and high vibrations, etc.





Belt furnace for glass-to-metal sealing in Colomiers

Machining & Glass-to-Metal Sealing

The workshop is fully supported by specialized maintenance facilities.

Assembly workshop in Colomiers


Assembly, waterproofing, compounding, cutting, stripping, cabling, soldering and welding are carried out in our workshops.

Connectors are produced to the highest industrial standards by qualified operators.

Laser labeling in Toulouse


All our products are labeled by inkjet, laser or etching.