Bayonet connectors

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Aluminium alloy multi-contact circular bayonet connectors 


Multi-contact circular bayonet connectors come in 2 parts, plug and receptacle, with a size 12 body fitted with 3 gauge 20 crimp contacts.

Made from high performance materials with high performance finishes, these connectors can be used in severe mechanical and climatic environments.

These aluminium alloy connectors incorporate:
- a mechanical fool proofing system by rotation of the insulator in the body
- the contacts held mechanically by deformation of the insulators
- bayonet locking.


Square socket receptacle
Neoprene™ insulator
Prong and socket contacts (size 20): Brass (Nickel/Gold finish)
Finish: Neutral anode oxidation
Strain-relief sleeve: Fluorinated silicone
Square receptacle gasket: Neoprene™



Bayonet connectors


  • Low weight
  • 5 codings possible
  • Rapid locking
  • Good reliability in severe mechanical and climatic environments
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Easy mounting on a partition.

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