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Connectivity solutions

To bring you a solution to your complex connectivity problems ATI-INTERCO designs and builds made to measure solutions compliant to your specifications.

Threaded connectors

Multi-contact circular connectors derived from the ST 538 AGB/T and NF C 93422 extension HE 314 standards, are composed of an hermetically sealed receptacle with solder contacts.

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Power supply connectors

These multi-contact power supply connectors with a receptacle fitted with filtered contacts, are particularly suitable for power supply signal transmission.

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Grounding connectors

Single contact Jack type grounding connectors are composed of 2 parts, a plug and solderable contact and a mechanically connected receptacle..

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Rocket connectors

Rocket connectors come in 2 parts, a jettisonable plug (mobile part) and a receptacle to be attached to a structure. They are particularly suitable for the transmission of security signals.

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Thread-lock connectors

Multi-contact circular power connectors come in 2 parts, prong and receptacle, with crimp power contacts and solder pilot contacts.

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Spring connectors

These specific multi-contact circular connectors with a filtered receptacle equipped with 2 spring loaded prong contacts, are particularly suitable for power supply signal transmission.

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Power connectors with lateral displacement

Rectangular connectors with 20 Amp contacts for power supply boards.

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EMI/EMP filter connectors

This EMI/EMP filter connector has simple, C and LC filtered contacts and coaxial contacts.

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Circular and rectangular backshells

For different connector sizes.

Different classes.

Good reliability in severe mechanical and climatic environments.

Backshells and accessories

Hermetic Solutions

Circular hermetic connectors

Total hermiticity (Water immersion and floatability system)

Reduced dimensions.

Hermetic circular connectors series


1mm & 2mm pitch connectors

A range to save weight and bring more solutions to hostile environments.

1mm series

2mm series


1mm series

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