Coaxial Connectors

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Coaxial Connectors

A wide range of miniature and ultraminiature coaxial connectors up to 4 GHz and high reliabilty standard coaxial connectors are proposed.

KMX3 series coaxial connectors for HE8 type connectors

KMX3 series coaxial connectors and power connectors can be used for HE 807 and HE 810 series connectors.

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PCB coaxial cable terminations

These coaxial cable terminations offer a time saving by eliminating the need for connection terminals and lugs, easy assembly by cable preparation without special tools and safety ensured by the solid connection.

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Micromin series 2 GHz miniature connectors

The 2 GHz - 50 Ω latchable miniature coaxial connectors come in several models, with or without antirotation (series 20524, 22116, 22150 and 21642).

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Nanomin series 4 GHz ultra-miniature connectors

The 4 GHz - 50 Ω latchable ultra-miniature coaxial connectors come in 2 series:

B840C (with antirotation)
B481C (without antirotation)

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HN series coaxial connectors

HN series high reliability coaxial connectors have been developed for nuclear instrumentation.

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