2mm Series Board Level Connectors

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2mm Series Board Level Connectors

The 2mm contact pitch connector family, designed and manufactured by ATI-Interco, offers equipment designers a reduced PCB-board space and are well fit for use in harsh environments.

The product portfolio includes Board-to-Board, Cable-to-Board and Cable-to-Cable interconnect configurations.

Equipped with proven reliable contacts and manufactured with high performance materials they are widely used in military, aeronautical, heavy transportation (e.g. trains) and aerospace applications.

210 series - 2mm board level connectors

The 210 series is a 2-row miniature connector family for low frequency applications and includes a connector latching feature.

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220 series - 2mm board level connectors

The 220 series is a 2-row miniature connector family with a mixed layout using low and high frequency contacts (coaxial), high power, as well as mechanical locking and guiding systems.

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250 series - 2mm board level connectors

The 250 series is a shielded 2-row miniature connector family mainly used for I/O applications.

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320 series - 2mm board level connectors

The 320 series is a 3-row miniature connector family with increased density compared to the 220 series.

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Circular and rectangular backshells

For different connector sizes.

Different classes.

Good reliability in severe mechanical and climatic environments.

Backshells and accessories

Hermetic Solutions

Circular hermetic connectors

Total hermiticity (Water immersion and floatability system)

Reduced dimensions.

Hermetic circular connectors series


1mm & 2mm pitch connectors

A range to save weight and bring more solutions to hostile environments.

1mm series

2mm series


1mm series

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