Press release - Miniaturization

Miniaturization 1 mm & 2 mm pitch PCB connectors available from ATI-INTERCO for the Harsh Environment Interconnect systems

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Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, France (June 2017, the 22nd) – ATI-INTERCO, a leading manufacturer and supplier of interconnect systems introduces a miniaturization range of 1mm & 2mm pitch – PCB connectors for the Harsh Environment. “SWAP – Size, Weight and Power, is the combination of the miniaturization expectations. Our customers need to lead more data, more signals. Because, they are facing a matter of density to design their future Interconnexions equipment’s, we decided to develop a wide range of solutions to answer 1mm & 2mm pitch connectors”. “We developed this range as we did see a continued growth of the market for1mm & 2mm pitch Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board applications. To help design, we propose the possibility to download 3D-models (STEP-files) for the Miniaturization products. An easy way to download and to use datasheets and choose your own headers or receptacle”, says Karim Louanchi, GM of ATIINTERCO. 1mm & 2mm Harsh Environment interconnect systems are used in the Military, Avionics, Space, Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas and Transportation market segments. Those interconnect products need to comply with severe specifications like robustness (PPS material used), humidity absorption, radiation resistance, vibration, shock severity and an extended operating temperature range (up to 260°C).