Press release - Backshells

Backshells, a global range of solutions available from ATI-INTERCO for the Harsh Environment Interconnect systems

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Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, France (June 2017, the 20th) – ATI-INTERCO, a leading manufacturer and supplier of interconnect systems introduces the possibility to download datasheets and 3D-models (STEP-files) for the global range of backshells. More than a Catalog and thanks to the great experimentation of its teams, ATI-INTERCO is able to design, adapt, re-design and co-develop the well-adapted solution to your requirement. Backshells answers any of the usual MIL AERO standard. “We introduced a new website design that includes a Product Selector tool for main of the products commonly used in harsh Environment. Backshells create with the connector, the Interconnexions. They are the link in between Conesys and ATI-INTERCO. They made the history and since 1951, we are recognized by customers and will stay recognized”, Karim Louanchi, GM of ATI-INTERCO. Backshells are widely used in the Military, Avionics, Space, Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas and Transportation market segments. Those interconnect products need to comply with severe specifications like robustness, humidity absorption, radiation resistance, vibration, shock severity and an extended operating temperature range.